Top Marketing Trends and Ideas for 2015

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Marketing is tough, sales tougher. But both are integral for any business. The fate of a business lies in marketing and then sales. There was a time when small to medium businesses didn’t have much resources to embark on massive marketing campaigns. One reason was financial limitation and the other was lack of avenues, or mediums. While financial limitations are still a concern for small to medium enterprises, the lack of avenues or mediums is no longer the case. With social media and the general public’s preference swaying away from print, television and radio, companies can now engage in creative marketing which would not only be effective but would also be inexpensive. The top marketing ideas for 2015 are not very costly and hence any company can indulge in some of them in myriad ways.

Here are some top marketing trends and ideas for 2015.

Social Media Marketing

Let us start with social media first. Being on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and local forums or sites including the likes of Yelp is imperative. You cannot avoid these mediums. Even if you don’t use these platforms for marketing, you should still be on them just to connect with your audience. Using Twitter handles and hash-tags to promote something is simple and it costs nothing. Promoting your Twitter handle and Facebook profile or your YouTube channel on every online platform where your business has a presence, in emails, chats, slideshows and business cards would get you exposure. Use Instagram to share photos, come up with short video clips or Vines and have a video marketing strategy for YouTube which should also be integrated with the rest of your social media presence. Engage with your audience on Facebook and analyze the activity to know how you are faring statistically. These are the simplest of all top marketing ideas and every company should invest in these. There isn’t much of a financial investment but that of time, effort and a lot of brain.

Old School is Cool

There are some really cool ways to market your products, services or to gain exposure for your company using what is around you. Look around you and you would find very few companies taking the traditional route of flyers or inlets, brochures or street art. You can always use street art marketing to gain traction. You can pay for an interesting mural at an appropriate site. You can use your surroundings and every place that gets some exposure to the general public to create a presence. Even the slightest of exposure at a busy place or at a hotspot would gain you substantial traction. Try to sponsor something cool. Have your company logo on local bikes or put up your banner at an unconventional event. Doing the same thing as others will not get you desired exposure. Gaining attention with something unique is what will do the trick.

Creative Marketing

Contests are a very popular way to market a company. Contests are effective which is why every company should work on it. You can organize photo contests. It is best to go with photos and not text or videos because photos are more sharable and today almost anyone has a phone with an integrated camera so clicking a few images is an easy thing to do. With photo contests, you also get user generated content and a lot of online activity which will help your website’s search engine rank. You would also get more exposure on social media when you have a popular contest. You can also have video contests, quizzes, games, opinion polls, caption contests, sweepstakes and others.

Content Marketing for SEO

Content marketing remains to be one of the top marketing ideas for 2015, after being the most dominated form for a better part of the decade. Website content, article marketing, blogging, interactive posts, open ended conversations with your audience, info-graphics, webinars, slideshows, videos, templates and every way you can push some unique content informing your audience, educating them and showcasing how your business has something better to offer than others will always be an effective way to promote a company.  Here is a good resource by Moz about how to utilize content marketing.

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All these marketing ideas require very little investment in regards to infrastructure or resources. What you need is the right kind of people. You may do all these on your own and have some of your employees work with you. Or, you may hire a company that specializes in these. Even with the latter, you wouldn’t be paying a fortune. In most cases, a couple hundred bucks would get you started and a few thousand over a year will get you phenomenal exposure. From organic search engine marketing to pay per click ads which are now the conventional marketing ideas and from guerrilla marketing to creating a controversy to gain instant exposure, there are many inexpensive marketing strategies today.