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The Hottest Franchised Businesses To Get Into And Why They Are Growing

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Getting into a franchise business can be very rewarding or disappointing. It all depends on the type of franchise and the brand you choose. Most franchise businesses will promise you assured returns on your investment but what kind of support they shall offer, what is the prospect of that franchise in your city, town or district, your understanding of the business and knowledge of the industry along with the resources you can put together will have a consequential bearing on the fate of the franchisee. Successful franchise businesses have had failed franchisees. Also, apparently unsuccessful or less popular franchise businesses have had a few successful franchisees.

There are two realities pertaining to franchising that you should understand. One, the success of a franchise gives you a foundation to bank upon. Two, the success of a franchise doesn’t necessarily imply your inevitable success. Hence, you must delve into extensive research and planning before choosing a franchise.

Here are the best franchises of 2015.

You can use this list for reference or you may choose one of these franchises as your business.

Hampton Hotels

Hampton Inn Franchise

Hampton Hotels is presently the most exciting franchise business in the country. This might not be a viable option for most business owners as the investment needed is anywhere from four million to fourteen million. It presently tops the list of Franchise 500 and it has done so four times in the last five years. That is proof enough of its growth and success. Hampton Hotels has grown exponentially for one simple reason and that isn’t its franchising concept. The brand has brought in an unprecedented friendliness to established norms of hospitality. While dozens of hospitality chains claim their service to be friendly, Hampton Hotels has actually proved it on the ground. Hampton Hotels isn’t just rapidly expanding within the country but it has expanded to London and as far as Russia. Hampton Hotels is presently eyeing about 400 addresses in China.

Anytime Fitness

anytime fitness gym franchise

Anytime Fitness is another promising and safe franchise business. It has been a popular franchise in recent years and it is one of the best franchises in 2015. The brand has more than two million members as of January, 2015. The growth rate hasn’t seen any stagnancy in seven years and it is unlikely to see any slowdown in the next two or three years. Anytime Fitness is trustworthy brand, it will cost anywhere from eighty grand to less than half a million to get started depending on the scale of the club you want and there is assured returns on your investment.


subway franchise

Subway remains at the third spot on our list of best franchises of 2015. There’s no stopping this brand. Over the last five years, Subway has reported unprecedented growth in international markets and at home it is spreading out to unexplored regions. With more than 27,000 outlets in the US already and with room for 8,000 more, Subway is indeed a lucrative franchise. Subway has succeeded for many reasons and their subs are only one of them. Subway has capitalized the store within a store concept, something that many brands have tried but have failed. From close to two thousand outlets within Wal-Marts, thousands in malls and hundreds in hospitals, Subway is everywhere.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Franchise

Jack in the Box is another promising franchise business. Not too long ago, the company had only 25% of its outlets under franchising contracts. Today, more than 80% of the outlets of the brand are franchisees. And this has happened in less than ten years. The innovative approach to run its operations, from expansive menus to cool new launches, Jack in the Box does many things right.


Supercuts Franchise

Supercuts has more than 2,500 outlets in the US. 10% of that had opened in 2014 alone. A 10% growth for an establish franchise business is not a mean feat. With the maximum investment being less than two hundred and fifty thousand, Supercuts can be a primary business or an additional venture. The company’s strong fundamentals, skilled professionals and proven business practices have proven to be the reason for their success.

Some of the other best franchises of 2015 are Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, Servpro, Denny’s, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l. Inc., Days Inn, McDonald’s, Aaron’s, KFC Corp., Hardee’s, H&R Block, Taco Bell, Kumon Math & Reading Centers, The UPS Store, Cruise Planners, GNC Franchising, Sonic Drive-In Restaurants, Snap-on Tools, Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Jiffy Lube Int’l. Inc., Liberty Tax Service, Ace Hardware Corp and Papa John’s Int’l Inc.

There are many franchise businesses that cost much less money than these to get started but they aren’t even half as promising. Buying a franchise should not be solely dictated by the initial investment. What matters more are the returns.

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