Generic SBA Loan Checklist

  • Loan Request Form (pages 2-4)
  • Personal Financial Statement (enclosed pages 6-7) This form should be completed by each partner of the corporation who owns 20% or more of the corporation (including companies)
  • Personal Income and Expense Analysis (enclosed page 8) for each individual referred to in item 3 above.
  • Management Resume (enclosed page 9) Complete Management resume form on all active principals and key managers.
  • Statement of Personal History (enclosed page 10) for each person presenting a Management Resume.
  • Profit and Loss Projection (enclosed page 12) by month – Attach assumptions
  • Notes Payable Schedule (enclosed page 13) if no notes are due write “None” then sign and date.
  • Environmental Questionnaire (enclosed pages 15-17)
  • IRS Form 4506T- Request for Transcript of Tax Return (enclosed page 18) Complete for each principal.
  • Authorization to Obtain and Release Information (enclosed page 20)
  • Business Plan – Include a description of management, feasibility analysis, assumptions, site evaluation and demographics.
  • Cash/Equity Injection – Include the last 3 months of bank statements showing sources of cash for each principal and the corporation.
  • Copy of Certificate of Good Standing, By Laws or Articles of Incorporation if the business is a corporation.
  • Copy of Proposes Purchase Agreement or Executed Purchase Agreement – Must include cost allocation of all assets being purchased.
  • Copies of Bids and Proposals for New Equipment, Renovations, Leasehold
  • Improvements, or New Construction
  • If applicable, Copies of all Notes or Loan Agreements to be refinanced
  • Three Years’ Personal Tax Returns for each principal. Must include all schedules.
  • Cross Coporate Quarantees may be required
  • Include any Partner or Spouse information
  • Clean copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Existing or Proposed Lease Agreement(s)
  • Copy of unexpired, government-issued form of photo ID for all borrowers and guarantors.
  • The following will be required prior to closing of Loan:
  • Landlord Waiver and Consent (for leased properties only)
  • Assignment of Life Insurance Policy as Collateral. Must be completed and files with the home office of the insurance company.
  • Please submit 2 copies of each item requested and “overnight” them back to the Credit Department ASAP.

Please note that SBA Lenders can add overlays and implement some of their own guidelines in conjunction with SBA Guidelines.

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