First Financial wants to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and fulfill their DREAM.


Working Capital

Perfect for new businesses, franchises, and existing businesses

10-Year Term

Low monthly payments and no pre-payment penalty gives you flexibility to build your business

Simple Interest

Interest rate is adjustable based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus 2.75%



    SBA working capital loans ranging from $200,000 to $350,000

  • Start-Ups

    Perfect for new businesses, franchises, and existing businesses

  • Business Acquisitions

    Loan purpose includes business acquisitions, expansions, asset purchases, and franchise purchases

  • Term

    Ten (10) Years.

  • Pre-Payment

    Pre-Payment penalty applies if the loan is paid off within the first three years

  • Interest Rate

    Wall Street Journal Prime Lending Rate plus 2.75%

  • Collateral

    Collateralized with Business Assets, however personal Assets may be required to be pledged as collateral.

  • The Process

    The client works directly with First Financials team of Technical Supervisors (TS) who are available throughout the process

SBA Loan Requirements

  • Credit Score

    Required Credit Score must be 680+

  • Equity Injection

    Per SBA guidelines required equity injection from 15% – 20% of the requested loan amount from personal funds i.e., checking, savings, cash withdrawal from retirement, rollover of 401K or stocks and bonds. Note: Equity injection cannot be borrowed.

  • Incorporate

    Must have a legal business name and EIN.

  • Bankruptcies & Judgements

    No Bankruptcies, No open judgements and/or tax liens

  • US Citizenship

    Evidence of US Citizenship or proof of permanent residency

  • SBA 159 Disclosure fee

    SBA 159 Disclosure fee of $2,500 is paid directly to First Financial

  • SBA documents

    SBA loan documents required to receive loan approval.

  • Closing

    Dream Loans are expected to close within 45-60 business days. Client’s response to funding checklist will determine actual timeline of funding. Construction loans will not close until a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued


Your team did a great job at helping me get funded for the Mr. Appliance franchise. Even though the holidays threw my timeline off a little bit, Eddy did a great job at keeping the ball rolling. You and I talked for the first time on November 3, 2016 and the money was in the bank this week, Monday January 30, 2017. In less than 3 months from our initial contact you helped me start my dream.

I have referred your team to several people and hope they choose this route to help them grow their businesses.

Thank You! and have a blessed week,

Stewart Jefcoat

Mr. Appliance of Oconee

First Financial – Cindy Watson and her team are exceptional at lending. I had attempted to use a local lender and unfortunately, after months of meetings and paperwork, it became evident that my local lender was not adequately versed in the SBA program I was interested in. A business mentor recommended that I reach out to First Financial. Karen and her team were able to guide me through the process. With their expertise, I closed my SBA loan and can now move forward. I highly recommend them.

Kris Brower


Good evening. I wanted to thank you so much for guiding me through the SBA Loan process. Your help, advice, and encouragement helped draw the process to a very successful conclusion.

I now am a new and growing Master Franchisee with the System4 brand. Providing Facility Services Management to my clients throughout the East Tennessee Valley.

It certainly is a daunting task setting up ones own business and securing the lending required to be successful. Your knowledge of the SBA process and financial instruments available made all the difference in my own confidence level. Thank you again for all your help and the hard work of your entire office team.

System4 of East Tennessee


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