New Head Of SBA

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"I am pleased to announce that Jovita Carranza will be nominated as the new @SBAgov Administrator. She will be replacing Linda McMahon, who has done an outstanding job," Trump wrote, adding, "Jovita was a great Treasurer of the United States -- and I look forward to her joining my Cabinet!"

Trump, in his announcement weekday night on Twitter, praised McMahon for having “done an impressive job,” and saying he “looks forward” to having Carranza being part of his cabinet.

Carranza served as SBA’s deputy administrator for over 3 years beneath George W. Bush. She spent over twenty years operating for UPS and served as president of the company’s geographic area and Caribbean operations.

McMahon is going to be moving on to chair America First Action, that Trump allies conceive’s to be a significant part of the election campaign. She mentioned at the time that she planned to move from her current post April 12, 2019.