how to find and hire great employees

How To Find And Hire Great Employees

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You may be a dynamic, hard working and innovative entrepreneur. You may be an expert in your industry or the type of business you are in. You might have been the best in your line of work before starting your own business. All of that wouldn’t matter unless you can find and hire great employees. You may choose to work eighteen hours a day, every day in a week for several years. You might be great at multitasking. None of that would make your business a grand success unless you can work through people. You need the right people for the right jobs and you need to delegate responsibilities appropriately. No business owner or entrepreneur can succeed without a great team.

Hiring Strategies

You need to put together the best team you can. But hiring the best employees isn’t an easy job. You need some effective hiring strategies to get the best and the brightest.

A Talent and Cultural Fit

First, let us talk about the kind of employees you need. The best talents in a given niche may not be the best employees. The best employees may not be the brightest and the best. You have to find the right balance between the two. You cannot expect a lot from someone who doesn’t have the ability and one who has is of no use unless they use their ability. Hence, you must look for employees who are competent, capable, compatible and committed. Along with these attributes, you should look for character and culture. You cannot bring in someone who wouldn’t respect or regard the values you have instilled in your organization. Even if such an individual is a powerhouse, you wouldn’t benefit much by having such a professional as your employee. Finding people who share your values and can easily blend in the culture you have developed in your business is a challenge but you have to overcome this if you want great employees.

Decisions based on the person, not what you want to pay

Hiring the best employees doesn’t mean that you have to hire the most talented at the least package. You have to pay fairly if you are expecting great employees. One of the best hiring strategies is one where you solely focus on the applicant or potential recruit instead of focusing on remuneration or benefits. At times, you would have to give them what they want if you want them. So be prepared to tweak the rules if you have to in order to attract the brightest.

Finding a great employee

Now, you have to find the right talents before you can try to hire them. You cannot expect the best in any niche to walk into your office one fine morning. You have to reach out to them. Unless you become an Apple or a Mercedes, the best wouldn’t aspire for a job at your company. Hence, you need to reach out. The best hiring strategies involve a multipronged approach. You shouldn’t rely on any one avenue to find the best talents. You should start a quest online. Begin with your own website featuring a career section or a page for available jobs and then use the social media. Use your existing networks for referrals, which could be your employees or partners, vendors or even clients. You should use job sites and classifieds. And you should use headhunters. Beyond these perennial hiring strategies, you need to look for niche specific talents. If you need someone in marketing, then look for those who have made an impact in marketing. It could be in your city or across the country. If you need a creative writer or a copywriter then look for someone who has recently made some heads turn in the virtual world. When you look for such champions in a niche, you would always get the best talents. Then it is up to your interviewing and the particular profile of the potential recruit that shall determine if they are hirable.

Recruiting from college

You should consider hiring on campus. Fresh graduates or those with little or no job experience may not always be the best choices but they would be eager to learn, they would work for less and you can easily mould them the way you want. They can become great employees with proper training. Besides, if you hit the right colleges or schools which have relevant courses then you would get capable people. All they need is a bit of handholding in the real world. Such recruits often become protégés of entrepreneurs and they often end up spending decades in the same company. There are many companies that prefer fresher than experienced people, obviously for entry level jobs.


Speaking of recruiting right from college, having a good internship program is a great way to help students get the experience they need at minimal cost.  You may find that a few of these interns turn out to be great employees after they graduate and best of all they already know how your business operates.

There is no one strategy that works for any and sundry. You need to figure out the best hiring strategies for your business or industry. Some companies will always need to poach people from their competitors for certain roles. Some companies will have to be at networking events or tradeshows to hire. Hence, there is no one size fits all strategy here.

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