Equipment Leasing for Start-ups

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Whatever business you have, you certainly need professional equipment, office furniture, devices, vehicles, tools or machinery. If you own a small start-up business, you may have problems with funding your business and financing your first projects. You do not have enough money to buy expensive equipment. It would be best if you leased the equipment you need. Lots of successful …

business insurance, liability coverage

A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types Of Business Insurance

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A business needs to have certain types of insurance in place. Some of these insurances are imperative and some are mandated by law. Some are however not a legal requirement but it is better to have them to protect against unforeseen expenses and jeopardy. Here are the different types of business insurance that you would have to consider. The most …

business development and marketing for a franchise or small business

Business Development: Partner With Other Businesses To Generate More Leads & To Increase Sales

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Business development is the key to long term sustainability and consistent profitability of a company. Without adequate business development, a company would undergo periods of stagnancy and that creates the foundation for failure. A company would never be able to retain all its existing clients and depending on the type of products or services, repeat purchases and new clients would …

best commercial gym equipment

Best Commercial Gym Equipment

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When you consider the best commercial gym equipment brands, you don’t have to worry about the quality or durability. There are a dozen or so brands that have global popularity and make equipments which are very similar. The kind of technology used, the materials, the interface and the overall quality are almost similar. There could be some patented technology in …

The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

First Financial Accounting, Starting a Business

The small business accounting challenge Large companies or conglomerates, publicly listed companies and businesses with millions in turnover or more would either have a large team of in-house accountants or they would hire firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers. Small businesses don’t have such a luxury. Owing to limited cash and the scope of small business accounting, most small to medium businesses don’t …

Top Marketing Trends and Ideas for 2015

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Marketing is tough, sales tougher. But both are integral for any business. The fate of a business lies in marketing and then sales. There was a time when small to medium businesses didn’t have much resources to embark on massive marketing campaigns. One reason was financial limitation and the other was lack of avenues, or mediums. While financial limitations are …

First Financial breaks down the psychology of sales to help your business

Sales Psychology: Deciphering The Customer’s Mind To Unlock Your Sales Potential

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What is the difference between top sales techniques and normal sales strategies or methods? The obvious difference is that the former gets the job done and achieves the sales targets while the latter are futile. But how are the top sales techniques devised. Is there a specific way to create winning sales strategies? Selling is one of the toughest jobs …

Tax Audit – how to avoid an IRS audit

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Tax Audit – Why do people get audited? In 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collected more than $2.5 trillion in revenue and processed more than 237 million tax returns.  In 2014, the IRS conducted tax audits on only 0.86% of all individual returns.  While that is a very small percentage of tax audits, there are ways to further decrease the odds that …

Which Is Cheaper: Keeping Returning Customers or Winning Over New Ones?

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Are you a business or a start-up trying to save money? Want to learn a few ways to keep existing customers? Wondering if it is cheaper or better to keep existing customers or win over new ones? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is a post that you want to pay attention to. We will …

Registering your business with the government yourself

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Registering your business and opening a bank account There are 2 very basic steps to legally opening a business in most states.  First is to register your corporation (C-Corp) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the Secretary of State.  Second is to apply for an EIN for your business from the IRS.  An EIN (Employer Identification Number) is like a Social …

Crowd Financing VS Small Business Loan

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Crowd Financing or Small Business Loan? When it comes to your small business, do you want to go with the traditional small business loan, such as an SBA Loan or Bank Loan, or do you want to consider the increasingly popular option known as crowd financing? Crowd Financing vs Small Business Loans It certainly isn’t news that small businesses need money …