Leasing Equipment for your Business

Leasing is a Tax Advantage

Depreciation benefits enable you to deduct rental payments as regular operating expenses. Therefore, if you are subject to the alternative minimum tax, you can benefit because the lease payments are not considered as tax preference items.

Leasing is Cash Flow Management

Leasing keeps your lines of credit open, therefore, you do not tie up your cash in equipment. In addition, it allows you to avoid costly down payments. Another advantage include off-balance sheet financing. Leasing helps to better manage your assets and liabilities.

Leasing adds Flexibility

Do you have an irregular stream of income? Your business conditions, cash flow, equipment needs and tax situation dictates the terms and conditions of your lease. Regardless of the current interest rate environment, you will be able to acquire equipment.

Leasing is Protection Against Equipment Obsolescence

Are you exhausted of working with obsolete equipment? Leasing allows you to return the equipment or secure an upgrade at the end of the term. Furthermore, your equipment needs may change over time due to expansion. Leasing allows you to keep your options open.

Leasing is Convenience in Equipment Management

By leasing, you transfer the uncertainties of asset management, which allows you to concentrate on making the asset a productive part of your business.