Women-Led Businesses Benefitting From Loans

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In figures released by the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) in 2007, around 8 million business were owned by women in the US. With around 12% of these employing full-time workers, the average annual revenue was just over $1 million. However, times are dramatically changing and it is thought that total revenue for women-led business has now reached $1.2 trillion. …

SBA startup funding

Getting an SBA Loan for your Start Up

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SBA Loans for Startup Businesses It is possible to find money for your new business with this review of the top three SBA loan programs. It doesn’t matter what you see on websites or infomercials, there aren’t any SBA loans that will involve free money, no-interest loans, or government grants. The truth is that the SBA won’t lend funds directly …

The importance of Brand innovation and updates… and the pain franchisees feel

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Franchises that are established recognize the need to innovate and update locations to be competitive with other brands. In a great many areas , Cinnabon isn’t the company it had been just one decade ago . From the company’s expanding drink lineup to food selection introductions such as Center of the Roll and Cinnabon Stix , operations within a Cinnabon’s restaurant has moved in the 21st century . However management come to the realization a number of years ago that the appearance of Cinnabon’s establishments hadn’t also transformed with the …

SBA Loans for your Startup

SBA Loans for your Startup

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Getting a startup loan is quite difficult. You may be aware of the venture capitalists and angel investors pumping in millions of dollars into tech startups but that is not very common. For every major investment that you hear of, there are more than a hundred and possibly hundreds of startups longing for a similar investment. Getting a startup loan …

professional advice SBA loan

Why you need Professional Advice when seeking an SBA Loan

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Professional advice is always recommended whenever you need something that you are not very well accustomed with. Whether it is buying a property or seeking an SBA loan, professional advice will always help you to make informed decisions. The most notable advantage of professional advice is that it can determine whether you would get approved or rejected for an SBA …

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an SBA Loan

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an SBA Loan

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Getting an SBA loan can be very easy, slightly complicated or extremely difficult. Your experience will depend entirely on your SBA loan application. Any type of loan approval is dictated by the policies of the lender. In case of SBA loan, there are certain parameters or criteria set out by the Small Business Administration, which is a federal agency. The …

Small business loan for women

Business Loans for Women

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The Small Business Administration has numerous programs aimed at specific purposes. The overall purpose of the federal agency is to offer funding to small businesses. In addition to that, the SBA focuses on target groups to be of specific help. For instance, the SBA has special loan programs for veterans and the immediate family of people serving in and retiring …

SBA Loans for Military vets

Business Loans for Military Veterans

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Military veterans can apply for an SBA loan to start a business. A typical SBA loan for veterans has several advantages that other business loans don’t offer. Veterans can not only start a business with an SBA loan but also get working capital or seek financing to manage debt, to recover from a commercial disaster or even to assist in …

how to find and hire great employees

How To Find And Hire Great Employees

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You may be a dynamic, hard working and innovative entrepreneur. You may be an expert in your industry or the type of business you are in. You might have been the best in your line of work before starting your own business. All of that wouldn’t matter unless you can find and hire great employees. You may choose to work …

hot franchise concepts rising in 2015

The Hottest Franchised Businesses To Get Into And Why They Are Growing

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Getting into a franchise business can be very rewarding or disappointing. It all depends on the type of franchise and the brand you choose. Most franchise businesses will promise you assured returns on your investment but what kind of support they shall offer, what is the prospect of that franchise in your city, town or district, your understanding of the …

strategic view of your business

Why You Should Be Working On Your Business Rather Than In It

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Running a business is no cakewalk. Every business has certain unique challenges given its nature, viability, scope of operations, the present circumstances and the ability of the owner. How you run your business will determine its fate. Most business owners start a company and then work in it instead of on it. You should be working on your business rather …

Equipment Leasing for Start-ups

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Whatever business you have, you certainly need professional equipment, office furniture, devices, vehicles, tools or machinery. If you own a small start-up business, you may have problems with funding your business and financing your first projects. You do not have enough money to buy expensive equipment. It would be best if you leased the equipment you need. Lots of successful …

business insurance, liability coverage

A Comprehensive Guide To Different Types Of Business Insurance

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A business needs to have certain types of insurance in place. Some of these insurances are imperative and some are mandated by law. Some are however not a legal requirement but it is better to have them to protect against unforeseen expenses and jeopardy. Here are the different types of business insurance that you would have to consider. The most …

business development and marketing for a franchise or small business

Business Development: Partner With Other Businesses To Generate More Leads & To Increase Sales

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Business development is the key to long term sustainability and consistent profitability of a company. Without adequate business development, a company would undergo periods of stagnancy and that creates the foundation for failure. A company would never be able to retain all its existing clients and depending on the type of products or services, repeat purchases and new clients would …

The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

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The small business accounting challenge Large companies or conglomerates, publicly listed companies and businesses with millions in turnover or more would either have a large team of in-house accountants or they would hire firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers. Small businesses don’t have such a luxury. Owing to limited cash and the scope of small business accounting, most small to medium businesses don’t …