best commercial gym equipment

Best Commercial Gym Equipment

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When you consider the best commercial gym equipment brands, you don’t have to worry about the quality or durability. There are a dozen or so brands that have global popularity and make equipments which are very similar. The kind of technology used, the materials, the interface and the overall quality are almost similar. There could be some patented technology in one brand which is compensated by another but similar technology in the other brands. You would notice that the costs are also similar. With some equipment, the cost may vary by a few hundred or a thousand bucks but you wouldn’t notice a larger difference. In most cases, the cost would not be a major differentiator.

If you are looking for the best commercial gym equipment, then here are the brands you should consider. Please note that some of the brands don’t make every type of fitness equipment. They have their specializations and you can choose the brand according to the type of equipment you need.


Precor is a commercial fitness equipment manufacturer that sells its products across the world. They are mostly popular for their elliptical trainers, treadmills and climbers. Their association with Amer Sports goes on to show how amazing and durable their equipment is. While Precor is more popular in gyms and fitness centers, you can buy one of their products for personal use as well, that is if you have the budget.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a favorite of trainers and athletes. Whether you are a pro or an aspiring athlete, you would love their equipment. Life Fitness is particularly popular for their treadmills, exercise bikes and stair climbers. The company also makes cardio equipment and those have started selling well in recent years.

Star Trac

Star Trac is a market leader when it comes to weight training stations and recumbent bikes. Very few companies make cardio equipment of the quality that Star Trac does. Not only is the company a poplar global brand and has some of the best commercial gym equipment, they also have a world class customer service and after sales service.

Cybex International

Cybex International rose to fame with its complete body training and strength equipment. Presently, they have a large market share in cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills.


For those who are unaware, Nike has started to become a popular fitness equipment maker. Two products in particular, FuelBand and FlyKnit, have cemented Nike’s place as a prominent player in commercial gym equipment. Nike has always been associated with fitness and sports. It was only a natural extension of their brand’s expansion spree to venture into commercial gym equipment and they have done it with considerable innovation.


Zombies doesn’t just make some of the best commercial gym equipment, they also strive to inculcate technology as much as is practically possible. They are creating smart-phone apps that would work in sync with their equipment for an even more engaging and informed fitness regimen.

Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle has been on a roll lately. Their inventory is ever expanding which is fueling their sales. From hand weights to cool cycles, this brand is becoming more awesome with each passing year.


Elliptigo has been in the news in recent years for several reasons. It made a machine that would take care of the joints while exercising. The machine didn’t just clock $10 million in sales in 2012 but it has also been endorsed by Olympic trainers and Olympians. It is one of the more recognizable brands today for this reason.


CrossFit is presently the fastest growing manufacturer of fitness equipments. It has a whole range of equipments, not just for fitness but for specific sports as well. CrossFit’s inventory is one of the largest and most diverse. Also, it has clearly focused on quality training and extensive fitness regimens. That has made it a popular brand among those who take their fitness and health very seriously.

Green Revolution

Green Revolution is known more for its eco-friendly equipment than the conventionally defined best commercial gym equipment. You may have heard of its equipments generating power from the kinetic energy generated at the time of exercising. There are gyms in the United States that have these machines and are meeting part of their electricity needs with the power generated by the machines. More than a hundred such gyms are operational today. This brand may not be ideal for personal use but it makes great sense, especially because it is environment friendly and rewarding with its power generation technology.


Some of these brands may appear to be expensive for personal use but investing in some of the best commercial gym equipment from these brands can be very rewarding. The durability and resale value of the equipments made by these companies are two other reasons why they can be worthwhile for personal use.