About Hank


Henry Koche has over 35 years of management and sales experience. Henry’s experience includes being president of an equipment leasing company and operating a medical diagnostic testing company. Henry has the perspective of being customer and as a creditor. He knows what it is to make payroll for 15 employees every week as a business owner as well as helping business owners obtain the working capital and equipment they need to be successful. While doing leasing Henry consistently produced tens of millions of dollars and always exceeded expectations.

Henry is passionate about eating healthily and has been vegan or vegetarian for over 40 years. Through college and for a few years later Henry was a professional musician who played electric and upright Bass (viola) and guitar. He loves jazz and has over 700 albums some of which are early blue note recordings. These are promised to his oldest son who manages the Phantoms, an electric music duo who cross genres and are available on iTunes and on 3 different Sirius stations.

For the last three years Henry has gotten out his tool box to rehabilitate and lovingly restore the ninety year old house in downtown Fort Lauderdale where he lives. In his spare time he takes his dog on adventures and plays golf when he can.