About Cindy

Cindy, has been with First Financial Leasing & Finance since its inception. At the beginning Cindy, worked extensively in the equipment leasing division and has since moved on to the Finance Division. Having started in the equipment leasing division, Cindy understands the criteria requirements for leasing applicants and is very proficient in working with our clients to ensure that they meet these requirements.

Recently promoted to Chief Executive Officer, Cindy’s goal is to assist First Financials clients through the SBA process. The SBA loan process can be overwhelming for the client and Cindy is very successful in providing the client with a comfort level to complete the process with ease. Cindy possesses an in depth of knowledge of the SBA process as she participates in SBA continued education certification on a yearly basis and requires her staff to do the same.

As well, Cindy oversees the Business Development of First Financial, thus she is continuously spearheading the development of marketing in an effort to not only “grow the company”, but to retain current client and vendor relationships.

As Chief Executive Officer. Cindy works closely with the underwriting division and her main focus lies on maintaining customer relations with our extensive vendor portfolio.