types of SBA Loans

What types of SBA Loans are available & what’s the difference

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SBA is an acronym for Small Business Administration. It is a federal agency that deals in offering financial help to small businesses. SBA works through the banks and financial institutions across the country. The primary difference between a normal business loan and an SBA loan is that the latter is backed by the government. The former is entirely subjected to …

SBA Loans for your Startup

SBA Loans for your Startup

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Getting a startup loan is quite difficult. You may be aware of the venture capitalists and angel investors pumping in millions of dollars into tech startups but that is not very common. For every major investment that you hear of, there are more than a hundred and possibly hundreds of startups longing for a similar investment. Getting a startup loan …

professional advice SBA loan

Why you need Professional Advice when seeking an SBA Loan

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Professional advice is always recommended whenever you need something that you are not very well accustomed with. Whether it is buying a property or seeking an SBA loan, professional advice will always help you to make informed decisions. The most notable advantage of professional advice is that it can determine whether you would get approved or rejected for an SBA …

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an SBA Loan

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting an SBA Loan

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Getting an SBA loan can be very easy, slightly complicated or extremely difficult. Your experience will depend entirely on your SBA loan application. Any type of loan approval is dictated by the policies of the lender. In case of SBA loan, there are certain parameters or criteria set out by the Small Business Administration, which is a federal agency. The …

how to finance a business purchase

How to Finance a Franchise Purchase

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Franchise financing doesn’t really call for unconventional methods. You don’t need to opt for crowd financing or peer to peer lending networks for franchise financing. Banks and traditional financial institutions have been financing franchises for decades. They consider it to be safer to fund a franchise business than an absolutely new business. Hence, it is wise to take advantage of …

Small business loan for women

Business Loans for Women

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The Small Business Administration has numerous programs aimed at specific purposes. The overall purpose of the federal agency is to offer funding to small businesses. In addition to that, the SBA focuses on target groups to be of specific help. For instance, the SBA has special loan programs for veterans and the immediate family of people serving in and retiring …